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Hi, I’m Karen Cioffi and want to thank you for taking the time to check out this page. I hope you liked my PowToon animation. I love these quick and easy little marketing tools

If you’re here, chances are you just wrote a book, are in the process of writing a book, or are thinking of writing a book and want to know how it all works. Or, you may have a couple of books under your belt, but need to tweak your marketing efforts to produce better results. Whichever the status of your book writing, you’re in the right place.

OR, YOU MAY BE a freelance writer or home business owner – the marketing is pretty much all the same . . .

You Absolutely, Positively Need an Optimized Website and Online Platform . . . and I can Show You How to Do It.

To help you on your platform and book marketing / information product marketing journey, I created specific ebooks and ecourses.
(While this page focuses on the author platform, it’s pertinent to your writing and home business platform also)

In a world that’s connected every second of the day, and that has more and more businesses and individuals vying for online visibility and customers, you need an edge . . . you need knowledge. You need something that will create a flickering light that will grow into a flaming torch. You need the know-how to bring you, your books (products), and your website to the attention of the search engines and the world.

This is the essence of my ebooks/ecourses.

Here are 9 questions you might ask yourself?

1. Do you have a marketing strategy?
2. Do you have a website?
3. Do you know about website optimization?
4. Do you know what content marketing is?
5. Do you have an opt-in on your site?
6. Do you know about email marketing and newsletters?
7. Do you have a subscriber list? Do you know why you need one?
8. Do you know how to use PayPal to sell your products?
9. Do you know how to use social networks?

I’ve been there and learned the ropes (and am still learning – it’s an ongoing process). Now, I teach others how to navigate marketing’s sometimes murky and confusing waters.

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Increase website traffic with article marketing.

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building an online platform

This last item is a 10 week e-course that focuses on ‘what you need’ and ‘what you need to do’ to create and build your online platform and go on to create a product information business.

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10 Website Landing Page Must-Have Elements

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